Our mission is to empower churches with effective Google Ads strategies

Whether your church has a budget of $500 or  $5000 per month for advertising, our skilled team is fully equipped to assist.

We understand that running a search marketing campaign can be costly without a well-defined plan. Our role is to maximize the effectiveness of your pay-per-click advertising, ensuring that you only pay for quality traffic and visitors. We’ll help your church optimize non-branded traffic, making sure you’re visible when potential new members are searching.

Why Google Ads?

Google Ads, a robust online advertising platform, is an invaluable tool that has been helping churches like yours, to connect with their communities more effectively. It works hand-in-hand with Google Search and YouTube, two of the world’s most visited platforms. So, when someone in your community searches on Google or views a video on YouTube, it’s Google Ads that helps your church’s message reach them.

Whether it’s broadening your reach within the community, ensuring your church is easily discoverable on Google, or welcoming new regular attendees, Google Ads has got you covered. 

What makes Google Ads truly remarkable is its ability to target specific customers based on location or demographics ensures your message is heard by those who need it most in your local community.


No Contracts

We work month-to-month with all churches.

Flat Rate Monthly Fee

This means you pay less

Transparent Pricing

You pay Google with your own credit card

$500 in Google Credits

*We give YOU $500 to start with Google Ads! *E-commerce and Google Local Services are not included

Non-branded Lead Generation

Fine-tuning your keywords and ads is crucial to focus on relevant search results. Our team will continually audit your keywords and the traffic coming to your website. 

Keyword Tuning

For your church’s online outreach, it’s really important that your keywords and ads hit the mark with what folks are searching for. Every click is a chance to make a connection, so it’s key to keep a close eye on your keywords and the visitors coming to your site. By doing this, we can ensure that your online presence is not only engaging but also effective in reaching your community and beyond.


Geographic targeting is another pivotal aspect of your PPC Campaign, especially since local searches are more prevalent than ever. We’ll make sure both your keywords and advertisements target local search to reach those in your community effectively.


Get Google Adreports delivered monthly to view all relevant metrics for your ads. We ensure complete transparency into how and where your PPC budget is being used, aligning our efforts with your church’s mission.

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